The trial of George Zimmerman has shined a spotlight on neighborhood watch groups here in Southeast Texas.

Roberto Flores is 78-years-old, but continues to patrol the streets where he grew up. He's headed up Citizens on Patrol in the Avenues neighborhood for more than a decade.

His partner in patrolling is his wife. Together, they've done a lot in reducing drug activity and even helped shut down some trouble-making bars.

In light of the deadly confrontation between Zimmerman, a Florida neighborhood watch captain and the teenaged Trayvon Martin, Flores understand the concerns some citizens might have about civilians on patrol.

That's why he says he's never been armed with a weapon. He carries a scanner, a recorder and binoculars.

His most effective resources is a cell phone that he uses to call police when he or his wife spot suspicious activity.

Flores says, "If you want your neighborhood clear of things going on, you have to do something, maybe not to the extent of what happened in Florida, you still have to do something."

The Beaumont Police Department is hosting a Citizens' Police Academy starting August 15. You can apply online, just click here