Three new schools have opened in the area this year alone giving parents more educational options.

Vanguard Classical Academy and Veritas Classical Academy both offer a mix private school and public school.

Evolution Academy is a charter school which is given the same guidelines as a public school but has more flexibility in curriculum, smaller class sizes and is in session four hours a day.

Beaumont resident Duncan Brown was leery of putting his daughter in the brand new charter school, but now believes it's the best thing for her.

"The short amount of time that she's been here we've noticed a difference in her attitude, a difference in her demeanor and her feelings about getting an education now," said Brown.

"At Evolution she's motivated, she's interested.," she said.

State Board of Education Member David Bradley said these schools are viable options because a Texas diploma is not the only thing colleges are looking for.

"Texas A&M and the other universities are looking at curriculum, courses taken, development, character, outside activities and more importantly SAT and ACT scores now," said Bradley.

Bradley thinks the growth of alternative schools comes from parents who are frustrated with the public education system. He advises parents who are looking into alternative schools to check out the curriculum and make sure the course work and school structure is right for their child.