Today, the sixteen thousand dollar donation well exceeded the ten thousand dollars worth of foundation repairs that Keith's home desperately needed in order to be classified as livable again.

"Any amount was good, but nothing like this," said Rebecca Keith, the wife of Sterling Keith.

"O.A.T.H," a non-profit that helps raise money for veterans in need began the long vigorous fundraising effort for the Keith's home.

"We started off slow, but the more we had people sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, linked-in, and twitter, then people started sharing it to other people," said Gary Bartel, the director for "O.A.T.H."

This created a large community response toward the Keith's family, along with other organizations wanting to pitch in on behalf of the veteran.

"Small towns support veterans, that's the absolute truth so I wasn't surprised at the turnout from both a monetary stand point," said Bartel.

69.8% of the donated money came from residents living in the Hardin County area, the rest of the donated money was donated through a non-profit called 'Soldiers Wish". Sterling Keith lived in Hardin County most of his life before serving his country for the next 30 years.

"It renews my faith that people do care about their veterans in this area," said Rebecca.

This is the least that could of been done for man who gave so much of himself serving our nation.

"I just want to thank everybody that came out today, the silent people that won't step forward and say they contributed," said Rebecca. "I just want to say a heart felt thank you."

If you would like to contribute to this cause you can donate here.