Today, some local businesses teamed with a veterans support organization called the "OATHS" to help a disabled veteran with PTSD. Sterling Keith is a 30-year veteran who served four tours in Iraq and has been in need of help for over eight months for

"It's a big relief,” said Rebecca Keith, the wife of Sterling Keith. “It's like a culmination of months and months of waiting and it feels great.”

Sterling Keith remained unable to talk about the repairs because of his disability. However, it won’t be that long until Sterling Keith will witness the repairs in his home.

"One of the companies came out here and donated the concrete,” said Rebecca Sterling.

Workers at "Ace House Leveling and Repair” started preparing the home for leveling. A job valued at more than $6,000.

"They do so much for us,” said Graig Farnie, the owner of Ace House Leveling and Repair. “I enjoy my freedoms.”

“I knew right off the back they will be doing a lift on the house which would have been bad that I would have to do a test on the drainage to make sure it is good, I knew that was a way I can contribute,” said Dustin Trevino, the owner of Word of Mouth Plumbing.

A job that would cost up to $12,000 for the family. But with the help of donations from the non-profit, they won’t have to pay a dime.

Dustin Trevino says, once the foundation of the home has been leveled, the company will be able to replace the damaged plumbing.