Lumberton Independent School District Superintendent John Valastro said he has not made a decision on whether to allow a transgender substitute teacher back into the classroom.

This latest news comes almost a week after the substitute teacher, Laura Jane Klug, said she was told she would be kept on the list of substitutes.

The district received complaints from parents early last week. Following those complaints, Klug was told she could not return to work until the Superintendent made a decision on her employment.

Klug said after last Thursday's public forum she was told she would be retained but was asked to let things settle down before returning to substitute.

Valastro told 12News Wednesday that he never made a decision on Klug's employment. When media reported that Klug was allowed back on the substitute roll, L.I.S.D. never disputed the report.

"I took it to mean I would be able to allowed back into the classroom. When exactly was not made clear. It does worry me a little bit. I'd be willing to fulfill whatever work they had available. If it's outside the classroom that would be fine," Klug said in an exclusive interview with 12News.

Klug says she accompanied Valastro to meet principals earlier this week.

The Superintendent would not elaborate on anything else regarding Klug following the advice of the school district's attorney.