The heavy rains that swept Southeast Texas caused some headaches for some in the area, especially for a family on Beaumont's north end.

Neighbors called Beaumont Fire Department around 4 p.m. Tuesday to report a tree that had smashed into a home on Ironton and they say lightning is to blame.

Strong storms lead to this massive pine tree crashing into the home where Ramona Parker's daughter lives with her two boys and a baby girl due any day.

Parker said she came to the house earlier in the day to pick up medication for her grandson when she became weary of the thunder and lightning brought on by afternoon storms.

"Something told me to get out of there so it was a blessing," Parker said. "I didn't trust that tree on the side of the house and as soon as I get home I get a call that lightening hit it."

Family members worked to help remove valuables out of the home including gifts from a recent baby shower.

Although most of the damage was sustained in the kitchen and living room of the house they won't be able to bring their new bundle of joy back to the home for some time, but they say they feel fortunate that no one was injured.