School is about to begin and the Little Cypress Mauriceville High School is expecting many renovations to take place this year. The renovations are a part of a 56 million dollar bond.

"Right now, we have a lot going on and we are constructing a new cafeteria, library, gym, and academic buildings,” stated LCM High School Principal Todd Loupe.

The LCM High School has undergone a large construction of new elements to the new campus over the last two years. Todd says that the new connecting walkways being built will help eliminate certain issues for their students.

"Sometimes the weather would be bad and students would get wet. Now our students are going to have the ability to walk through the campus,” said Loupe.

Once construction is completed, the front entrance of the high school will be facing toward Highway 87.

"They have a lot to look forward to and a lot of new things around campus,” said Loupe. "We hope the community is excited because we are excited."

As the year progresses, some new classrooms will be completed. However, the rest of construction is expected to be finished by Spring.