Kemah Police Chief Greg Rikard says Little Cypress-Mauriceville students found in party bus April 5 with alcohol are not telling police who provided it. And neither are their parents.

About 40 LC-M high school students were on the bus in Kemah on their prom night. Through information request 12News has learned some of those students will not be punished because they are not involved with organizations at school.

The district has chosen not to discipline the students because the bust did not happen during a school function or on school grounds. Instead, their behavior would be subject to review by the Activities Administration Team or AAT.

The AAT consist of sponsors, an activities director and the high school principal. In an email to Superintendent Dr. Pauline Hargrove, Principal Dr. Terri Estes says not all students who were on the prom bus participate in extracurricular activities.

She goes on to say students who are not members of any school organization will not be subject to any corrective action. Student athletes, for example, are subject to disciplinary action by their coaches.

Above all else the AAT will suggest consequences for most extracurricular activities. The email goes on to say most students that were on the bus were either athletes, cheerleaders, on student council or the National Honor Society.

12News learned that three senior student council officers were on the party bus and they were not allowed to represent the student body at a State Convention in Dallas.

The district's Board President, David Jones, defended his daughter and other students who were on the bus. 12News tried reaching Jones after learning of the bust.

He later admitted in a separate email to a district secretary and the superintendent that he was avoiding our inquiries on the matter.

But in another email he had plenty to say to Dr. Hargrove. Jones says his daughter was one of many on the bus who called their parents early in the night asking to be picked up due to the circumstances.

Jones went to Kemah to pick up his daughter after the bust. He says she was fine but did not allow her to go to prom because he was embarrassed, frustrated, and disappointed.

He advised parents to do the same but twitter showed some students still went.

Jones says it was a poor decision on his part to allow his daughter on the bus and a hard lesson learned.