A stern warning coming from the Kountze police department in response to several complaints from business owners about people stealing their landscaping rocks.

"They’re going on private property and taking some of these rocks that have been paid for through landscaping at their house or place of business,” said Brent Slaughter, the Captain for Kountze Police Department.

After several complaints from local businesses, the Kountze police department addressed the issue on their Facebook page reminding the criminal charges they can face.

"That’s why I posted it on Facebook because it’s the quickest way to get it out there,” said Slaughter.

The rules of the popular game involve painting a rock, hiding it and then posting a picture or hint of where it can be found. Darby says that her grandchildren shouldn't have to worry about breaking a law.

"My grandkids do this every weekend,” said Michelle Darby, a Kountze resident. “It gets them outside and gets the whole family together.”

Despite some rock hunters trespassing on private property, Slaughter says that he can see how the game brings a lot of good to Kountze.

"You got all age groups doing this and doing safe stuff and not going out and getting drunk,” said Slaughter.

The Kountze police department says that they will give a criminal trespassing warning to those who go on private property and if they ignore, they will be arrested for criminal trespassing.