Kirbyville residents say they are upset about Mayor George Frank’s recent comments on social media. George used the derogatory term "Redneck" in response to residents who were unhappy with how the school district handled the recent suicide of Dennis Reeves.

“We were all kind of frustrated that there was more to the issue than what was being presented,” said Kim Mitchell, a Kirbyville resident.

Mitchell says she was surprised that the mayor would call residents 'rednecks' toward residents who disagreed with him.

"He has backlash the community on social media,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell says that George’s social media posts were unprofessional for a man in office. George was elected to a second term and was first elected back in 2013.

"I guess he’s just aggravated and frustrated that people don't share the same opinion as he does about the tragedy that happened at the school,” said a Kirbyville resident that does not want to be identified.

George was also accused of offending residents in another post he made in response to the recent happenings at the district, saying that he was “Just going to take more bond money to finish the store and pay some people off.”

"Why are you even going to say something about using school bond money to finish your restaurant,” said Mitchell.

The mayor eventually apologized about his comments, but Mitchell says that his apology has not been accepted by some in the community.

"I don't care how angry you are, you should not get on social media and backlash on your community,” said Mitchell.

We reached out to Mayor Frank George to make a response regarding the comments, but he did not want to make a response.