Dozens of friends and family of Alfred Wright took to the streets of Hemphill, Texas Saturday afternoon, holding a peaceful protest in front of the Sabine County courthouse and the Sabine County Administration Building.

The 28-year-old physical therapist went missing for nearly three weeks last November before his body was found by family members in Sabine County.

Wright's death was ruled accidental after the official autopsy found a combination of drugs in his system including cocaine and methamphetamine. Wright's family members believe the Sabine County Sheriff's Office is covering-up a murder, a controversy that has gained national attention in recent weeks.

Before the march in Hemphill, a rally was held at the Faith Temple Church of God in Christ in Jasper. It began with Wright's father Douglas addressing a packed room.

"17 of us found my son's body, and as of this day, no one (law enforcement) has come and asked us 'How'd you find him? How was he laying? What happened?'" Douglas Wright said.

A group discussion was then held, featuring a guest panel that included business leaders, a legal expert and Chuck Foreman, a private investigator who helped in the search for Wright's body.

"There are so many... critical questions that need to be answered," said Foreman said.

"There was no investigation done... from local law enforcement in Sabine County, to the Texas Rangers... everybody was seemingly in cahoots with one another to cover this up," said one panel member.

The rally's most memorable moment, however, came when two family members of James Byrd, Jr., a Jasper man who was dragged to his death by three white men in 1998, poured their hearts out to the Wright family.

"Lord have mercy on this family, because I know how you feel," said Betty Byrd Boatner, James Byrd's sister just before she embraced Alfred's mother Rosalind.

Before the rally ended, Alfred's talented younger brother Savion, a recent contestant on 'American Idol', performed a song dedicated to his brother. Two of Savion's friends he met while on 'Idol', John Fox and Madelyn Patterson, also performed.