Longtime Port Arthur attorney Stella Morrison was arrested Monday afternoon by Beaumont police.

Morrison was taken to the Jefferson County Jail facing charges of public intoxication and resisting arrest, but she blames the officer for the situation getting out of control.

Morrison said, "My demeanor was very professional." She accuses the officer of being belligerent, rude and ugly towards her.

Morrison's bonds are set at $250 for resisting arrest and $150 for the public intoxication charge.

A correctional officer there told us she was brought to the jail around 4:15 p.m., and at around 7:20 p.m., she bonded out.

Beaumont police public information officer Joe Ornelas said someone called police to report a woman in the parking lot of Harmony Science Academy on Calder Avenue who appeared to be intoxicated.

Ornelas says that woman was Morrison and that she got combative with the officer who took her into custody.

Morrison says she's never drank alcohol in her life. She said, "I never drank in my life, unless they inject food with liquor."

She says she does take pills for anxiety, tremors and blood pressure, but she says none of the medication she takes makes it unsafe to drive.

Morrison says four months ago she suffered an anxiety attack at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

She admits being tired, saying she was up all night with her sister, whose husband had died.

Morrison says the officer never gave her a sobriety or blood test. Morrison believes the officer got mad at her, when Morrison told her, "Girl, you must have just graduated from the academy."

Morrison is a Democratic candidate for 252nd District Court Judge, and she's the wife of Port Arthur municipal judge Kermit Morrison.