A hearing was held Wednesday before 136th District Judge Milton Shuffield concerning a temporary restraining order preventing the Beaumont Independent School District from paying former coach Keeath Magee as part of a separation agreement.

Judge Shuffield extended an existing TRO by 14 additional days.

The original TRO came after Melinda Harper, a citizen, sued to stop payments to Magee saying Superintendent Dr. Timothy Chargois did not have authority to make a separation agreement with the coach without school board approval. Superintendent Chargois' agreement with the coach would allow Magee to be paid through June 2014.

Harper maintains the money is ‘hush money' to keep Magee quiet about allegations he made.

The school district's attorney Paul Lamp said Judge Shuffield does not have authority to make a decision in the matter.

Judge Shuffield has scheduled a hearing next week in which he will decide if he has jurisdiction to rule in the separation agreement case.

Superintendent Chargois has placed an item on the agenda for Thursday's school board meeting to allow trustees to vote on approval of the separation agreement.

Paul Lamp is the same attorney who represented Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Schools Patricia Lambert when a student took legal action against her claiming she had manipulated school class rankings.