Early Wednesday, lawyers representing the Beaumont Independent School District and two board members filed for an injunction to prevent the Texas Education Agency from taking over the district. A hearing was held Wednesday afternoon before 261st State District Court Judge Lora Livingston.

The suit seeks a temporary restraining order, a temporary injunction and a permanent injunction against the takeover.

Judge Livingston denied the district's request for a temporary restraining order. The judge has given the district until Thursday to produce any additional documents for the record review.

She has not ruled on the TRO request preventing the instillation of a the Board of Managers. She asked for letter briefs on Wednesday..

She is expected to rule by Friday.

According to documents filed by the district and board members Gwen Ambres and Janice Brassard, the district claims that TEA Commissioner Michael Williams violated the Texas Education Code, "...to achieve an improper purpose - the removal of the duly elected Board of Trustees.."

CLICK HERE to see a copy of the Plaintiff's original petition for declaratory judgement and application for restraining order, temporary injunction and permanent injunctions.

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