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Downton Sixbey,""Game of Desks,""Jersey Floor,""The Real Housewives of Late Night" — when it comes to spot-on spoofs, Jimmy Fallon has made a name for himself as late-night TV's go-to guy. On Wednesday night, the host proved once again that his reputation is a well-earned one with his highly anticipated parody of "Breaking Bad."

In "Joking Bad," Fallon gets some sad news. "You only have six months," an oh-so-serious man in a suit warns him.

But it's not a death sentence looming before Fallon. It's just that he only has six months left at "Late Night."

So, how will he spend his pre-"Tonight Show" days? Evidently in a Walter White-worthy spiral -- complete with bald head, goatee and tighty whities.

But unlike White, Fallon has no desire to sell the blue stuff. Instead, he teams up with announcer Steve Higgins to move jokes in exchange for "fat stacks."

From there, the nearly 13-minute skit turns into comedy gold that only true "Breaking Bad" fans can really appreciate -- from a Gus Fring stand-in who manages to keep his head (but laugh his backside off), to a call from the real Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk). Heck, even stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul stop by "Late Night" for some mid-skit pizza tossing and well-timed boos.

But "Joking Bad" saves the best for last. Be sure to watch the full clip to see who tries to have Fallon offed in the end. (Ding-ding-ding!)

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