Local emergency management officials have been keeping a close eye on Tropical Storm Cindy.

"I think it’s important to have a plan if it’s a tropical storm or a hurricane,” Zena Stephens, the Jefferson County Sheriff.

Stephens says that Jefferson County is making steps to ensure residents are prepared for anything.

"I know the county precinct will be providing sand bags to people who need it,” said Stephens.

The Sheriff’s office says that homeowners concerned about possible flooding can pick up sandbags at any of the four Jefferson County Precinct Service Center.

"Were not sure what’s going to happen but we are going to be prepared strategically,” said Stephens.

Emergency officials want people to be prepared for hurricane supplies such as flashlights, batteries, weather radios, and water.

"Any supplies you may think you need, make sure you have them in your house so you are not in the weather,” said Dale Jackson, the Chief for the Groves Fire Department.

Tropical Storm Cindy is currently heading northwest and is expected to bring a lot of wet weather.

"If it comes in here, it will bring heavy rain, so you don't need to be driving in it,” said Jackson. “So make sure you already have the supplies needed.”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says that they are monitoring Cindy and preparing their response vehicles and boats for the worse.

"I will encourage people to look any evacuation notices or that there is any indication if any water is rising or increase of wind damage,” said Stephens.

Jefferson County officials are monitoring conditions to determine whether or not any roads will have to be shut down for safety concerns.