The former Al Price juvenile correctional facility will not house undocumented immigrant children.

It was in June, when Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas first approached County Judge Jeff Branick about using the county-owned center to house a few hundred of the children who are part of a huge exodus of immigrants from Central America.

The judge says about 80 percent of the people who have contacted his office were against the proposal.

But it was the federal government who pulled the plug on it.

Branick said, "I think the federal government has abandoned their plan to try to have it at local facilities and plan on using nothing, but federal and state facilities."

The president and CEO of Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas says even though the kids won't be housed her, there are many Southeast Texans who went to help them.

That's why the organization is planning a donation drive for next month, and is seeking volunteers.

If you would like to help, call Catholic Charities at (409) 924-4410.