A charitable organization has approached Jefferson County with an idea to use the old Al Price Juvenile Correctional Facility to house some of the undocumented immigrant children that have entered Texas alone.

In early June President Obama declared an "urgent humanitarian crisis" along the Southwest Texas-Mexico border after a sudden surge of unaccompanied children flowing into the U.S.

Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick told commissioners about the idea during Commissioners Court Monday. Branick says he wanted to let the public know because it's an item that could go before commissioners in the near future.

Branick says the facility would be used to house undocumented minors for 120 days while the federal government decides what to do with them.

"I think taking care of children is always a priority. How it happened in the first place is another issue that I'm not particularly viewing as positive," Judge Branick said.

Since nothing is set in stone Branick did not want to say what charity approached the county. If commissioners choose to discuss the option further it will be placed on an agenda for a future meeting. Branick says if the projects moves forward it will be at no cost to taxpayers.