The pastor of a Jasper church who led the effort to have Jasper's mayor recalled says his offices were ransacked.

12 News HD has learned that a window was broken at the Faith Temple Church of God in Christ and was climbed into. While a number of items were knocked over, Pastor Ray Lewis says nothing appears to be missing.

"All my furniture had been rearranged, it was thrown all over the place and where I keep my papers at and everything," Pastor Lewis says, "It was all dismantled and everything."

Not only did Pastor Lewis find his office in disarray, but found out the intruder left behind some crucial evidence.

"We did find some blood on the window seal," Jasper Police Chief Rodney Pearson says, "We took a collection of that and we're going to send it off to the lab to have it analyzed."

Investigators aren't saying if this crime is connected to Pastor Lewis leading a petition drive to recall Mayor Mike Lout.

The investigation is ongoing.

SIDEBAR: Pastor Lewis is heading the petition drive to recall Mayor Mike Lout. Lewis says the group has collected over 400 signatures with only 324 signatures needed for the recall.

Jasper voters are already set to vote to recall three council members in response to the members' selection of Jasper's police chief.

The group plans to turn the signatures in to the city next week to be verified.