It was only days ago that Jasper County Deputy, Glenn Blank was desperately hanging on for his life after he suffered a lung failure. But today, Blank is recovering after receiving a new lung on Christmas eve. Blank tells me that over the past week, he's been surrounded by many who have supported him through the process.

"Just a bunch of people. I had several visitors," said Blank.

Early Friday morning, the family learned that a pair of donated lungs were available, and doctors began the procedure for the transplant. Something that the hospital credits for saving his life.

"Its something that people do not talk much about," said Scott Scheinin, a doctor at Houston Methodist Hospital. "It happened around Christmas and there is all sorts of special things that happened. Everything happens for a reason."

Blanks tells me that even after the lung transplant, it still hasn't been easy for him and his family.

"I'm suffering but my family is suffering," said Blank. Its tragic, there sad of it."

A prayer gathering was held in the Jasper County Sheriff's Department on Friday evening, just a few hours before the surgery began.

"Its all you can ask a community to come together and do," said Blank.

But Blank tells me that nothing will stop him from getting back to the job he loves.

"Were young," said Blank. "We still have life to live"

Doctors tell me that it will be months until blank will make a full recovery.