Yesterday Jack Brooks Regional Airport took their birds out of the sky, grounding travelers with shuttle buses instead of airplanes.

"Oh, man I have to sit on the bus for two hours," said frequent flyer Lucas Garcia.

Those were the first thoughts that ran through Garcia's mind when he found out Jack Brooks Regional Airport went from flying high to shuttle buses.

"I could probably drive a little faster and it would only cost me $40 to drive," said Garcia referring to driving himself to Houston. "Instead of $200 and something."

Airport officials say the cost of a bus ticket is no different from the cost of a plane ticket. If you were simply going from Beaumont to Houston, whether plane or bus, it's still about $200.

But for the Santa family a bus ride to Houston lets them keep about $1,600 in their pocket.

"I decided to purchase the tickets leaving from here rather than leaving from Houston because I am saving money," said traveler Carlos Santa.

Santa and his family live in Houston but making the trip down to Beaumont, only to head back up to Houston saves them big bucks on their flight to Colombia.

"Compared to the benefit of saving hundreds of dollars it's good, the cost efficient relationship is good if I leave from here," said Santa.

Frequent flyers like Garcia only hope the planes take flight again soon.

"I don't mind it really, I rather just fly 30 minutes and be over with," said Garcia.

But for now the airport will continue use the shuttle buses that will soon be complete with lavatories and luggage racks.

Airport director Jennifer Hogancamp says the change from planes to buses comes after Colgan Air and Pinnacle, the two companies in charge of flight service, filed for bankruptcy in April.

Hogancamp says the airport is continuing to work on air service development. Their goal is to bring airplanes back to Jack Brooks.

The bus service will operate three round trips Monday through Saturday and two round trips on Sundays.