A blanket of ice has forced the closure of the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge in Port Arthur.

It's the main way of getting onto Pleasure Island, however Friday, because of the below freezing temperatures, that bridge became a danger to drivers, and caused hardship to people on both sides of the bridge.

12News spoke to three truck drivers who first to camp out on the north side of the bridge, because they could not drive over the slippery layer of ice that blanketed the entire span of the bridge.

Jose Rodriguez of Houston said he had a delivery to make in Cameron, Louisiana, but could not get there until the ice had melted.

The truckers did enjoy themselves trying to ice skate on the foot of the bridge without skates of course.

The ice-covered bridge kept Entergy Texas crews from getting to Pleasure Island to restore power to several people there.

With help with Port Arthur police and firefighters, Entergy was able to get to Sabine Pass and with the boat of an Entergy employee, transported workers to the island.

At the time this report was being filed, power had been restored to those people.

Entergy officials say Southeast Texas dodged a bullet, because at the height of the power outage, 3500 customers were without electricity Friday morning, by the afternoon, that number had drastically gone down to less than 100.

Entergy Texas reminds customers not to assume Entergy knows about outages, it's always important to contact the power provider.