By Staci DaSilva

Sitting right now on a farm in Pierce, Nebraska is a worldwide treasure, a collection of new Chevys from the 1950's, 60's and 70's. And they're being auctioned off next month.

It started with Ray Lambrecht, a World War II vet and a lover of new cars. So when he took over Lambrecht Chevrolet Company in Pierce, Nebraska in the late 40's, he did it with a twist.

Auctioneer Yvette VanDerBrink said, "He didn't sell his trade-ins and he wouldn't let you buy them. And if he had leftover inventory at the end of a year, you couldn't buy them."

If it was 1963 and the new '64 models came in, he would not be selling you the '63 model. He'd be keeping it. He stored all the cars on his farm field, a field that's been transformed into a sort of time capsule.

"When I went in to the dealership for the first time and opened the first car door I went 'oh my gosh. This is something special'," said VanDerBrink.

Against the odds, the business model proved sustainable. Ray retired and now he's selling his extremely rare collection.

There's a '78 Chevrolet Indy Pace Car has just 5 miles on it and a '63 Impala has seen a bit more pavement at 11 miles.

Ray is 96 years old and felt it was time to let go of his hidden treasures.

"To car guys, these are their children. This is another member of their family," said VanDerBrink.

Not only the cars but the parts and most of the contents of his dealership are being auctioned off next month. The news has gathered worldwide attention from the world's most notable car collectors and some folks can't help but try to get a preview.

Rich Kallander of Keystone, SD said, "I'm interested in the auction now hoping I might find a '60s vintage Chevy Impala, Chevelle or maybe even a Camaro."

For Ray Lambrecht, the point of all this is to share, to share his passion for cars, his half century of hard work and a piece of history frozen in time.

Anywhere from 6-10,000 people are expected to attend this history-making auction. It's being held on the Lambrecht Family Farm on September 28th and 29th with a preview on Friday, September 27.

Onsite bidders are encouraged to pre-register by and completing the pre-registration materials.

The auction also includes live online bidding on

Online bidders can visit to register to bid online in this auction and to view the catalog.