Harvey's record flooding in our area has caused many homeowners to do some remodeling to their homes. That may include tossing out some wet furniture. Neighborhoods off of Nederland Avenue are just a few places you'll find abandoned furniture sitting outside of homes.

"Bedding is like anything, if it gets wet you’re going to have problems,” said Luis Galaviz, the General Manager for Bloomtown Furniture.

Galaviz says that if the furniture has an odor, it’s best to throw it out immediately to prevent a health hazard. According to Galaviz, the odor is caused by the bacteria inside the furniture.

"If some of furniture was sitting up high enough over water, you might just need to change the legs,” said Galaviz.

According to experts, some wooden furniture could be saved by mixing toothpaste and baking soda, dipping a wet cloth in the solution, and then rubbing the water spot area.

"It’s terrible this happened but we are going to get through it,” said Galaviz.

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