Barbara and Laura Small have never given up hope that their older sister Patricia Marie Small, who mysteriously went missing from Liberty 11 years ago at the age of 18, will one day return.

"Until I know she's gone, I will never give up, I will never stop looking for her," Barbara told 12News in an exclusive interview Tuesday.

When three women from Ohio were found to be alive in Cleveland on Monday after being missing for nearly a decade, Laura says her mother called her right away, with a sound of hope in her voice.

"I answered the phone and she starts telling me about these girls and I though 'oh my God,'" Laura said.

"Because we're waiting on that, that's what we're waiting for," said Laura.

The Small sisters grew up in China, Texas, and moved to Liberty shortly before Patricia's disappearance.

Annie Woodard of Silsbee went to Hardin-Jefferson High School with Patricia, and says she was her best friend. She says the news out of Ohio strengthened her hope as well.

"I feel her (Patricia) everyday....I have more dreams about her than I guess anything else in the world. She's helped me through so much stuff in my life... so I will not give up on her," said Woodard.

Barbara is Patricia's youngest sister, and says Patricia was like a mother to her.

"I miss her touch, her rubbing my hair and letting me know everything's going to be ok," she said.

Laura says she and Barbara fell apart after their sister vanished without a trace in 2002, but have found strength in each other and their burning wish to reunite with their long lost loved one.

"Patricia, if you're out there, I love you so much," said Laura. "We miss you so much, everybody just wants you to come home. Wherever you're at, we're waiting on you."

Liberty Police say the investigation of Small's disappearance has been at a dead end, with no substantial leads in years. They ask you to call them if you have any information that could help in any way.

Small was last seen near the 2400 block of Beaumont Avenue in Liberty. She has a tattoo on her right ankle depicting a heart with a ribbon running through the top.

Liberty Police can be reached at 936-336-5666.