A Vidor resident is concerned about a sinkhole that formed just outside her home. Orange county leaders say the sinkhole formed two weeks ago on the 72 Hundred Block of Dogwood Drive.

"It's dangerous and I'm not use to that, “said Jean Davis, a Vidor resident. This is supposed to be something that happens in Florida not right here on my street.”

According to Orange County Subdivision One, the heavy flooding from Harvey caused the ground to sink which caused the water line to break.

"It's kind of scary,” said Davis. It kind of makes you nervous thinking about what could happen next.

The county says repairs could cost taxpayers as much as 100,000 dollars.

According to Norman Blacken with Orange County Subdivision One, once the department gets the water drained from the sinkhole, new sand will be used to stabilize the area and concrete will be poured over the repaired water line.