Some residents are complaining about a funky smell coming from the Huntsman Chemical Plant in Port Neches. A Huntsman spokesperson says that the odor is from un-lined ponds that are outside of the chemical plant.

For nearly 80 years, the chemical plant off of Hogeboom Road in Groves, TX has stood just yards away from residents living nearby.

"I've lived in this area for so long, I mean when you live next to any plant there is going to be some odors,” said Sheyl Shuff, a Groves resident.

For the past week, residents near the plant have gone to social media to voice their frustration toward the company about the unusual odor. In response, Huntsman utilized dozens of pumps to help drain out the odorous ponds at the plant.

"With the rain that has been going on and the inability to get the ponds drained that why we put out the letters,” said Kimberly Hoyt, an employee for Huntsman.

The chemical company provided letters to residents explaining that the decaying vegetation underneath the pond was the cause of the displeasing smell. According to Huntsman, the actions taken are not to promise that the smell will be eliminated completely, but provide a short term relief for those in the area.