(WESH) Frantic passengers aboard a South Florida bound Greyhound bus called 911 in Volusia County on Sunday saying the driver was all over the road and falling asleep at the wheel.

Richard Campbell, 59, was arrested on Interstate 95 near Mims shortly after 8 p.m. and charged with DUI.

Troopers said he was taken to the hospital rather than jail after suffering some kind of medical issue due to whatever substance he was using.

About 39 passengers were on the bus and callers said Campbell was swerving all over the road.

"The driver is reckless driving. He's fidgeting. He's been fidgeting for an hour-and-a-half now. He almost ran a car off the road," one of the passengers told a 911 operator. "He keeps putting his head on the steering wheel and bringing it back up and jumping in his chair."

Campbell will be booked into jail on a DUI charge and could face child neglect charges as well since there were two children on the bus. A new driver was sent to get passengers to their final destination.

Greyhound released the following statement:

"The safety of our customers is the cornerstone of our business and we take these matters seriously. We have a zero-tolerance policy of any Greyhound employee using or being in possession of alcohol or illegal substances. It is inappropriate for us to speculate at this time as to what occurred due to the ongoing investigation.

"We are fully cooperating with local authorities and are currently conducting an investigation of our own. We sent a relief bus to take the customers to their final destination and issued travel vouchers due to the inconvenience."

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