Gun shots ringing out in game room parking lots, its something police are working to end. A new city ordinance is taking affect September 1st, and the police department hopes that the community will see a dramatic downfall of crime at game rooms.

"You will see in the next month or two, a large effort by Port Arthur Police Department in order to shut as many of these gaming sites down as possible," Detective Michael Hebert.

Another problem police are seeing is that not all game room crimes are reported. According to Detective Hebert, any business that do not report a robbery, will automatically lose their gaming permit.

"Our citizens need to understand, and I am talking about the citizens that are playing these games, how dangerous it is when you walk in to one of these businesses, because you are not protected in there. Stop going, let's shut these businesses down" stated Detective Hebert.

Link to game room ordinance can be found here.