Two local women shared a childhood, but lived two completely different lives. Now they've reconnected and are creating a common bond through running that they hope will motivate others. They call themselves team butterfly and they are starting a whole new chapter that will allow others to feel the wind in their hair too.

Amie James and Marsha Reed were best friends in middle school.

James says, "Her house was across the ditch from my house. So we would jump the fence and go over the ditch and go to each others houses and play outside all day. That's what you did. We ran. We rode bicycles and we raced. And Marsha was always faster than me. So she was a natural athlete."

As an adult this triathlete has devoted her life to helping others lives healthy lifestyles. Marsha Reed has the heart of an athlete, but a body that is confined to a wheelchair.

Reed explains, "I had a spinal cord injury due to a trampoline accident in 1990."

The two friends had drifted a part for many years.

James says, "Something about Marsha just kept coming back And kept coming back."

Recently Amy and Marsha ran into each other on Facebook and reconnected.

Reed tells how they got the idea to run together, "She's like there's a run coming up would you like to do it and I was like well I don't have the right chair for it she says don't worry about it will find something."

Reed says the chair problem was quickly solved, "I've got a chair that's been donated by Ainsley's Angels." The non-profit supplies wheel chairs for running events.

James says, "We got to try it and she loved it."

With only two training runs under their belt, the two are pushing forward together. Team butterfly ran their first race on Saturday the electric run in Houston with Ainsley's Angels. Although the electric run is just for fun, like every runner they both have goals in their mind.

James says, "I hope to inspire people to sweep away their excuses."

Reed says, "I want people to get out of their comfort zone and try new things and this is something new for me because I have not done it before. I have to say, she might actually win this time."

Lights in place. Team butterfly lit up the route and finished the 5K in 28 minutes. But this race wasn't about the time.

"I have to say it's brought something back into my life that I missed. It felt awesome. It was a great run." Reed says.

"Running with Marsha was of course a little more difficult, but it's so much more rewarding and amazing to hear her scream and holler and hear people scream for her." James says.

On the 4th of July, in Lake Charles, Team Butterfly ran their second race.

Turns out Marsha still crossed the finish line first, just like when they were kids, but this time with a little help from her friends.

And that is a win for both of them.

Marsha Reed loved the experience so much, she wants to make sure others get that opportunity and she has become the president of the SETX chapter of Ainsley's Angels, raising money toward their first chair.

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