A 59-year-old Beaumont man has quit smoking and drinking and is leading a healthier lifestyle, after suffering a heart attack two months ago, a heart attack Phillip Verrett believes would have been fatal, if not for his grandson.

On April 20th, Verrett and his grandson, Kason, went to Silsbee.

While there, Verrett felt a sharp pain that he describes felt like someone had shot him.

He knew he was suffering a heart attack, and he was with his grandson, but his goal was to make it to Christus Hospital St. Elizabeth, about 20 miles away.

Verrett made the drive, but when he got to the emergency room entrance, he could not get out of his pickup truck. He was passing out.

That's when Kason took charge, and walked into the hospital and said, "My poppa's dead, and he wants some air."

Fortunately Verrett was alive and Kason was able to get the help his grandfather needed, and even gave hospital staff his grandfather's wallet and identification.

Verrett has recovered well and his now back to fishing with Kason.