26-year-old, Demarcus Brown has been a familiar name in the news since last spring and now Brown stands accused of being involved in a series of car burglaries on Beaumont's West end.

Beaumont police say Brown and two other suspects were involved in at least five vehicle burglaries overnight.

Brown has been making headlines since April of last year when he was accused of stealing a TV at Walmart in Beaumont. His theft trial resulted in a mistrial in February of 2017.

Brown accused police of brutalizing him during the arrest last April and police have charged Brown with assaulting a police officer during the incident.

Marijuana and two guns were seized from Brown at Cowboy Harley Davidson Wednesday morning. Police say he was apprehended after officers responded to a call of suspicious activity at approximately 3:00 Wednesday morning at the dealership. According to police, one of the guns was stolen from a vehicle overnight.

19-year-old Corbin Branch and 21-year-old Fredrick Tyson, who had been staying in the nearby Motel 8 were also arrested at the scene. Both men face theft and evading charges after fleeing from officers.

Corbin and Fredrick are also suspected in an area scam in which prospective car buyers were robbed when they arrived to make the deal.

23-year-old Shedrick Matthews was arrested with Corbin and Fredrick at the Motel 8 Wednesday morning. Officers believe that Matthews was not involved in the car burglaries. Matthews will only face marijuana possession charges.

The men who are now in the Jefferson County Jail maybe connected to more auto burglaries, aggravated robberies, and possibly home burglaries.