Students at Vidor High School are finding it hard to go to class after the street in front of the school is holding several inches of water after rains brought some street flooding.

“I do not like it at all because I have to get my pants wet and my shoes wet,” said Nicole Akin, a Vidor High School senior.

Akin is taking summer school classes at the school and says she hates going to class when it rains.

"It really sucks because my car has a hard time getting through the waters,” said Akins.

Students say that once it rains, it can be pretty hard to cross that street without getting wet because of the heavy floods on Orange Street.

"You get into class and your freezing wet,” said Akins. “Then you have nothing to change into.”

The Vidor City Manager says that since 2010, the city has worked on a major drainage project to reduce the flooding in the area. However, the channel and culvert improvements along "Schoolhouse ditch” still has time to be completed.

"It wasn't as bad as I knew when it was called the “Orange River,” said Shelby Smith, a Vidor resident.

School administrators say there has been an improvement as the flood waters have reduced from feet to inches.

Akin says that for the time being, she'll have to figure out another way to get to class.

"I need a bigger car or a truck,” said Akins.

School administrators say that the high waters have now subsided at the school.