It's been almost five years since the north and south levees on Pleasure Island have had fishing piers, and the absence is causing headaches for fishermen like Ronnie Moon.

A small slab of concrete is all that remains of the old piers, which were destroyed by Hurricane Ike in 2008. Moon says fishermen have to carefully walk over jagged rocks to reach the water, which can be dangerous.

"I fell one time and I fell completely over backwards," said Moon. "I've seen other people spill, I've seen cuts on legs, bruises."

Other fishermen agree something has to be done.

"I would love to see some piers built here," said fisherman Carey Knight. "Because you can get hurt trying to walk onto these rocks, especially for youngsters and kids, because they want to come out here and fish also."

Moon says he raised the issue with the Pleasure Island Commission 6 months ago, and got nowhere. But Commission Director Jimmy Dike says his hands are tied because the Corps of Engineers won't allow the piers to be rebuilt, citing a lack of available parking.

"(People) will park and walk," said Moon. "It's frustrating to see that nothing's being done."

Now Moon says he wants the City of Port Arthur to take control of the island, hoping a change in management will bring results.

Dike says there is a plan to build a new, 200 foot long pier, but it will be along the seawall, not along the levees where Moon says the majority of people fish.

Voters will decide this Saturday if the city takes control of Pleasure Island improvements.