Today was the day! Summer vacation is officially over and all Southeast Texas public school children went back to class this morning.

As buses were unloaded and crosswalks filled up families sent their children off to the first day of school.

The first day can be one of mixed emotions, especially for parents like Sara and Danny Guidry taking their twins to kindergarten for the first time.

"I have a feeling I'll leave crying today because its different dropping them off at a big school than it is at daycare," said Mrs. Guidry.

The Guidry's say today they feel both excitement and sadness knowing their children are gaining some independence.

"I think it's because they're getting older and more independent and they don't need you as much I think that's the hardest part," said Mrs. Guidry.

Also taking her twins to kindergarten Dayna Dyrhaug is a Regina Howell mother and teacher so she sees both sides of the table and advises parents to stay confident.

"Have confidence in your kids, have confidence in your teacher, administrators and staff they will take care of your babies," said Dyrhaug.

The Dyrhaug's prepared for the first day of school by showing the twins their new classrooms ahead of time.

And the Guidry's prepared by starting their morning routine last week so this morning, getting up and getting ready, wasn't as hard.