Every year, Kirbyville High School hosts a beauty pageant. The pageant was created in 1964 and since then, no African American contestant has ever won the "Miss Kirbyville Scholarship Pageant" until now. 17-year-old, Shania Samuel’s victory at the pageant last month made her the first African American to win the title.

"I dropped my head and cried because I couldn’t raise my head and I couldn't get up"," said Bobbie Samuel, Shania’s mother.

Shania wants to encourage others to step up to their goals even when they feel afraid. 

"If you want to run it for it, run for it,” said Shania. “Anybody can get the title."

Shania doesn’t plan on competing in any more pageants and instead wants to pursue a degree at the Art Institute of Houston.

"It's not always about beauty," said Bobbie. "It’s about what’s in your heart and what you want to give back to your community."

"Do what your heart tells you to do, even if you don't win you can go and make friends and memories," said Shania.

May 19th is when Shania will graduate from Kirbyville High School.