Southeast Texans often celebrate the Fourth of July by lighting off their own fireworks, however the Beaumont Fire Department says that this can mean an increase in firework accidents.

"People are around them and play with them like it’s no big deal," said Captain Brad Penisson with Beaumont Fire and Rescue.

Penisson says that firework safety should be on everyone's minds before lighting up this fourth of July.

"We always recommend following the manufacturer's recommendation on the use of fireworks." stated Captain Penisson.

The fire department recommends for those using fireworks to read the directions, keep water nearby, don't drink and light, and use fireworks in an open space outside.

Richard Degetaire, a Beaumont resident states that he will be lighting up over 1000 fireworks for tonight's event in downtown Beaumont.

"We will have a fire truck on site, just in case something happens." "We will do everything we can to make sure we don't have any problems," stated Degetaire.

This includes having fire extinguishers on site and making sure the crowd is located at a safe distance when the fireworks go off.

The Beaumont Fire Department says the show at Riverfront Park is a good way to experience fireworks within city limits without breaking the law.

"Fireworks inside the city limits are illegal," said Penisson.

Someone can be fined up to 500 dollars for not complying with the law in regards to fireworks, according to Penisson.

"We hope there are no fires, especially with the heat and everything," said Penisson.

To learn more about firework safety, you can go to the Beaumont Fire Departments Facebook page.