FEMA is working with state officials to solve the Harvey produced housing crisis by repairing homes. According to Orange County, the agency is currently limited on resources for those needing help from the effects of Harvey.

"We have had meetings with FEMA,” said Brint Carlton, Orange County Judge. “Their resources are stretched pretty thin over the large areas of Texas and Florida.”

Since hurricane Harvey, 1,700 trailers have been issued from FEMA for the purpose of temporary housing.

"Some of the trailers have been delivered to Jefferson County,” said Carlton. The state of Texas and FEMA are trying to provide a program for people who are trying to get back in their homes. “

The program is called the “Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power” (STEP).

"The goal of the program is to get the flooded stuff out of people’s homes and making sure they are able to live in it,” said Carlton.

According to Orange County, the availability of the STEP program will be ready by Monday.