In 2012, with a record of 23-12 overall, 11 wins and five losses in conference play, Lamar Men's basketball advanced to the NCAA tournament under Head Coach Pat Knight.

Fans were on cloud nine.

But the success was short lived. In the following two seasons combined the Cardinals would record just 6 wins and rack up 50 losses with Knight at the helm.

Sunday, he was officially removed as head coach.

"Generally all the fans. I know the ones that sit around us were like, 'he needs to go'." Season ticket holder Kathleen Douglas said.

But it was a stunner for other Lamar Basketball fans who loved Knight for his tenacity and tough coaching style.

"I like Pat Knight. I liked his hardcore discipline. I just liked him." Fan Ricky Provost said.

But his slower, half court, drive to the paint style of play differed from the type of basketball Lamar fans were used to watching.

"It seemed like he would hold them back. We've always been fast paced, run up the court," Douglas said.

Fans also took note of Knight's personality and attitude. He was not afraid to share his frustration at times like during a January press conference following a loss to McNeese State.

"If it's not enough. Fire me. Get another guy in here. I have no problem with that," Knight told reporters after the game.

Now uncertainty surrounds the men's basketball program while Lamar searches for it's second head basketball coach in four years.