Sasha is timid when she first meets a new person. A closer look explains why she might not like strangers. On her shoulder is a bullet hole. The pit bull mix was shot Saturday. The bullet hit muscle but missed bones and vital organs.

"This is an animal that's never hurt anybody. If she was a nuisance animal, I'd understand," Her owner Josh Hare said.

Hare said the dog was shot after she harmlessly trotted into a neighbors garden while some friends of his daughter's were picking blackberrys nearby.

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"If they're were some type of damage it would seem like, to me, he would show me. This is what your dog did. This is why. And I would accept that," Hare said.

Hare and his wife were riding horses down the road. After hearing what happened Hare says he confronted his neighbor about shooting the dog.
"He doesn't care if he kills them or not. And admitted he didn't want to kill them. Just hurt them. To me that just doesn't seem right," Hare said.

Hare says authorities finally arrived late Saturday night. He says Hardin County deputies were told another story of Sasha attacking the neighbor. 12News tried straightening out the details with the man by visiting his home but no one answered the door.

Late Wednesday, Sheriff Ed Cain told 12News it was reported that Sasha was damaging property at the time she was shot. For that reason Sheriff Cain said it was the man's legal right to shoot the dog.

But Hare wants more action from authorities fearing another dog might be shot or a child could be hit in the cross fire. Hare said another neighbor also has a pit bull that has been shot on three different occasions by the same man. The Sheriff's Office could not confirm or deny that claim.

Sheriff Cain says no one was in danger when the dog was shot. And says authorities have told the neighbor he cannot shoot dogs that are not damaging his property or posing a threat to him or his family.

There is no leash law in the county.