Family members of a local taxidermist who was shot and killed by a Beaumont Police Officer are set to hold a news conference on Wednesday.

On June 24, police responded to a 911 call about shots fired near East Lucas Drive and Galveston Street. A police spokesperson said while officers were on the scene, Stanley Leger raised a rifle and aimed it at police, ignoring orders to put the weapon down. Police say an officer was forced to fire at Leger. He was killed in the incident.

Leger's family will hold the press conference with their attorneys at the Bernsen Law Firm.

"The family is heartbroken by the sudden loss of Mr. Leger at the hands of Beaumont Police Department. The family is also extremely disappointed and concerned by the rendition of the events that has been provided by BPD to local media and subsequently reported," says a news release issued by the family's attorneys.

The news release says there are critical discrepancies concerning the events leading up to the shooting of Mr. Leger that will be discussed at the news conference.

In response to Tuesday's development, Sgt. Rob Flores said it is premature to answer because they have not been made aware of the Leger's concerns.

"They've lost their loved one and they want answers and they deserve answers," said Flores. "We are going to work hard to provide those answers."