The Medicare and Medicaid program at Baptist Beaumont Hospital is at risk of being terminated after an incident that occurred at the hospital's Behavioral Health Center.

Baptist Hospital spokesperson Mary Poole told 12News that the incident had to do with inappropriate levels of monitoring atthe facility. It is required to have a 1:1 monitoring ratio of staff topatients.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS, sent a letter to the hospital's CEO David Parmer. The letter stated that after investigating, CMS placed Baptist in "Immediate Jeopardy" of losing Medicare and Medicaidfunding, which is the highest level infraction.

However, after the hospital appealed, CMS accepted the offer to enter into a "Systems Improvement Agreement," which gives Baptist Beaumont until May 30 to fix their issues.

With 70% of Baptist's patients in the Medicaid and Medicare program many of them, like Freddie Scott, are worried after hearing that the hospital is at risk of losingits funding for the program.

"I think it'spretty bad because there's a whole lot of people in the Beaumont area that ison Medicare and Medicaid in that age bracket," Scott said. "We need that help because alot of us that's the only insurance we have."

Baptist Hospital's CEO released this statement following the report:

"We are working 24/7 not only to ensure we are incompliance, but to go beyond and improve in other areas for the well-being ofour patients and families, staff and all who visit Baptist Beaumont Hospital,"stated David Parmer, CEO. "Wecontinually strive to deliver exceptional care resulting in positive patientexperiences for the best possible outcomes."