It's been 14 months since the Jefferson County Courthouse shooting. It was a terrifying experience for those who were there when it happened.

Courthouse Security Officer John Mcintosh says he was at the security checkpoint at the front of the courthouse when he heard a woman nearby say "Oh my god, he has a rifle."

"I pulled my gun but I couldn't see him. After the glass started hitting me, I took cover until it was over," Mcintosh said.

12 jurors sentenced Bartholomew Granger to death for the shooting. Mcintosh said Granger deserves the sentencing.

Granger was on trial at the time of the shooting for sexual assault in Judge John Stevens courtroom. Judge Stevens says Granger gave him no indication that Granger would commit acts that would put him on trial for capital murder.

Judge Stevens says the shooting makes him appreciate his family, friends, and staff even more but he refuses to live in fear of something similar happening again.

Richard Construction INC. had cheers of joy after hearing Granger was sentenced to death. Beaumont Police attribute employees of the company for helping them arrest Granger after the shooting in 2012. Employees say they are glad that everything is now over.