The unemployment rate in Texas in October was 6.6%, but hundreds of people are out of a job. Christmas time may be the worst time for a parent to be without a job. If the owners of Express Employment Professionals reach their goal of hiring at least 100 people, they may have a little brighter holiday this season. 12 News HD spoke with the owners of Express and a job seeker to find out how the "Pay it Forward Hiring Drive" will work.

Sometimes all it takes is getting your foot in the door, to put yourself where you want to be in life and that's exactly what Ashley and Derrick Barber, owners of Express Employment Professionals, are trying to help 100 people do in Southeast Texas.

Derrick Barber tells 12 News, "We don't want anybody to go without for Christmas and I think giving somebody employment is the best gift you can give anybody."

They're calling it their "Pay it Forward Hiring Drive." The company wants to provide local businesses with the additional support they may need during the holidays, left by people on vacation, or to fill those increased holiday orders. Barber says, "We have quality people who are skilled that can fill those positions."

Those quality people are people like veteran Rodney Sells, who has retired from the Army after 25 years. Sells tells 12 News, "The Army trained us to be successful in our endeavors. Defeat is not an option. It's mission accomplished. That's our goal; mission accomplished."

Sells brings that can-do attitude, to every thing he takes on. All he needs is the opportunity to get connected to the right employer. He says the job skills he learned in the Army will translate to civilian life, "just about any type of heavy equipment operation. Being a weapons inspector, being a tedious, detailed type person, once I learn the operations, then it wouldn't take much for me to be an inspector."

Barber says in order to connect employees with employers, "We're asking companies if they work somebody for one day, 40 hours, so they can get at least a pay check before Christmas time comes, so they'll have something to spend on their children."

The potential employees will work the week of Dec. 10- 16, to help provide for their families during the holidays. In addition to getting that pay check, they will get a letter of recommendation from the employer and may be even a permanent job.

Companies and individuals interested in participating in the "Pay it Forward Hiring Drive," can stop by the Express Employment office in Beaumont at 2580 11th street for more information call 409-898-1168.