Convicted killer Elroy Chester has been executed.

A last-minute appeal to the United States Supreme Court was not granted and media members were called in to witness the execution at 6:21 p.m. at the Walls unit. Chester died at 7:04 p.m.

Chester is a serial killer who in 1998 admitted to committing five murders in Port Arthur. He asked the court to stop Wednesday's execution and to lessen his sentence to life in prison. The court unanimously denied his request.

Although Chester has admitted to five murders, Wednesday's execution comes as a result of the 1998 killing of Port Arthur Firefighter Willie Ryman III.

According to Chester's prison record, On February 6, 1998, in Port Arthur, Chester broke into the residence of Kim Ryman Deleon. While at the house, Chester raped two underage girls. Willie Ryman III entered the home and was shot and killed by Chester. Chester took jewelry from the home and fled the scene.

While in police custody, Chester confessed to the crime, two other murders, and three attempts to commit capital murder. Chester said that he committed these offenses because he was out his mind "with hate for white people" due to a disagreement with a white staff member over a disciplinary report during a previous TDCJ incarceration.