Last December, 63 year old Charles Reed was arrested on a DWI charge.

Reed was given a blood test and the results came back negative.

Reed believes angry parents went after him.

"One particular person called in and said I smelled like alcohol," said Charles Reed, Kountze ISD bus driver.

Just days after the arrest, he told 12News that "Its a possibility I was set up as retribution for putting kids off the bus when they act up. I think a few parents got together and decided we got to get this guy."

Police called the tipster a concerned parent and said Reed appeared intoxicated after taking a standard field sobriety test.

Reed says he was only asked to stand on one leg and never took a breathalyzer test.

"I can't stand on one leg. I'm a big guy, I've had double knee replacements," said Reed.

Reed was charged with DWI and submitted to a blood test. Last week, the results returned from Austin and came back negative for alcohol or drugs.

"I never had a hard time believing he didn't do it," said Mike Dougay, a 31 year friend of Reed.

He says he was not surprised to hear Reeds charges had been dismissed.

"This is just an injustice to Charles in the way this all happened and he lost his job," said Dougay.

"You can forgive the person, but its hard to forgive the actions of what they did," said Reed.

When asked what he would say to those who falsely accused him Read said, "I would say to them, I can't imagine what a person who have to do to make you want to ruin their lives."