Troopers with the Department of Public Safety are busy trying to piece together the events that led to Thursday's massive multi-car pile-up on Interstate 10.

Two people died and as many as 120 others were injured in that wreck which involved more than 100 vehicles.

DPS had 15 troopers on scene, some of whom were called into work on the holiday, all trying to figure out exactly what happened. And troopers are still investigating the day after.

Some troopers worked the scene from 8 in the morning until 10 at night.

"Our investigators are still talking with different folks, trying to put it back together... to find out what initially caused it, and what happened during the crash... not only do the people involved deserve that, the public deserve that as well," said DPS trooper Sgt. Chuck Havard Friday morning.

So what does DPS know now? Harvard says it's still too soon to say. With more interviews to conduct, troopers still have questions for those involved.

"Was it the fog? Why did the person stop that caused it? Obviously the fog contributed to it, and obviously with low visibility you have to be driving your vehicle at a safe enough speed due to the conditions, whether or not you're going 60 miles an hour or 10 miles an hour," said Havard.

Regardless of the cause, if it was not for the tireless efforts of all the agencies who responded, this Thanksgiving tragedy could have been much, much worse.

Havard says he expects the department will be finished with their investigation within the next 10 days.