Today, the South Texas State Fair had dozens of different animals including lambs, cows, chickens, and steers getting ready for the livestock auction.

Proceeds will go directly to those who are going to sell their animals at this weeks auction.

"Its very competitive and I think a lot of kids have fun with it," said Lena Darby, a 10-year veteran of the livestock auction at the South Texas State Fair.

Today, Darby brought her three cows to be evaluated along with the other animals at the fair. Each animal was divided into separate classes by their shape, size, and weight.

"Whatever division they need to be in," said Darby, "Whether it be Exotic or American division."

In order to qualify for Wednesday and Thursday's auction, animals must place high in tomorrow's judging. Darby says, she plans on bringing her "A" game.

"If there is anyone watching, all I can say is do your best," said Darby.

Darby says, shes confident in her three cows, but wants to play it safe.

"I have confidence in my animals, but I can never have too much confidence," said Darby. "I mean, you can't be a snob about it. You have to go out there and be humble about."

Admission to the auction floor will be invitation only. The auction will begin Wednesday afternoon and ends Thursday evening.