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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. — Just a few years ago, Patrick Berton was a typical healthy teenager, but one day his whole life started to change and no one can figure out why. At first it was headaches and then difficult seeing and standing and then more. The case is a real medical mystery.

"I go outside to scream. I go to church to cry," said his mother Pattiann Berton.

Pattiann Berton is on a mission to find a cure for her son for an illness not one doctor can figure out.

"Patrick was 12 years old. He came home from school on a Monday and said, ‘Mom, I don't feel good. I have a really bad headache,'" she said.

Patrick Berton lived and breathed football. Pattiann Berton thought her son had a concussion from a hard hit, but doctors told her it was just a migraine.

A week later, his brother came barreling into the house, she said.

"'Something is wrong with Patrick. He can hardly walk,' he said. I had to help him walk home from the bus," said Pattiann Berton.

In a matter of weeks, Patrick Berton lost his ability to walk on his own. They sent him to therapy.

He left in a wheelchair and hasn't walked since, Pattiann Berton said.

Today, Patrick Berton has blurry vision and can no longer read. He has tremors in his hands and can barely write.

"If I'm at school all day, I just want to fall on the floor and collapse when I get home because my back hurts from being in my chair all day," said Patrick Berton.

The Bertons have traveled to hospitals across the country hoping for answers.

"The one doctor looked us in the face and said, ‘If you were my sister I'd tell you this. You're beyond modern science. I don't think this has been diagnosed yet,'" said Pattiann Berton.

The Bertons are praying for a miracle.

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