Some Deweyville residents received FEMA funds to help rebuild their homes, but many homeowners say it wasn't enough to get them back in a home.

"Its really tough having to stay in my camper at my mother in laws house," said Kevin Henley, a flood victim.

Kevin Henley and his wife Edie, have lived in Deweyville for 9 years, but for the past year they have been living in a trailer off of County Road 4191. The couple has been unable to rebuild their home after it was destroyed.

"We had tall floods, pretty much where I am at," said Henley.

It cost 10,000 dollars in FEMA money just to elevate the property where the Hensley's home once stood. With no money left to build again, its a common refrain from many in the community.

"We have asked for help and we are patiently waiting," said Henley.

Henley says he is still looking for answers on the grant they should be receiving. Henley fears the grant money approved Monday by Newton County Commissioners will not be used to help homeowners. The Commissioners Court decided that the grant money will be used for unmet needs.

"Now just look and see if they can build a new court house, but they need to see and come look at the community," said Henley. "Its hard to put money back when you try to live and I have bills just like everyone else."